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I have PMS and a gun...
Excuse me..did you have something to say?
29th-May-2007 09:58 pm
LJ is taking down, deleting and possibly purging probably thousands of journals with the interests of "rape", "abuse" and "molestation", as well as other interests.

I propose that we singly e-mail LJ at privacy@livejournal.com with this letter: (As well as place, by itself, in your profiles!)

Dear LJ:
I was quite appalled to hear about your mass-deletion of communities and journals with what you deemed as 'triggering' interests. Some of us have survived Rape. Some of us have survived abuse. And some of us wish to speak up and help others. How can we do that if you're taking away what we use to help those in need?
Have you even researched this "Warriors For Innocence"? Now what about the countless others who will not benefit from this deletion? What about the countless molestors who will now be driven further underground?
What about the countless members who have survived abuse, who have survived rape, and are now, finally, proud to stand up and say that they have... only for LJ to tell them that they can't?
Now what will we do? Now what source will we have to share our stories and our knowledge with others, now that your once-valuable source has been so ruthlessly and thoughtlessly taken away?
You were once one of the voices that helped make us strong as a united front.

And now your silence in the fight deafens me. Your silence speaks volumes, as much now as it will ever speak. Your silence is like a slap in the face to those of us who have survived the rape, survived the abuse, and are now, or will soon, learn to stand again, learn to live again, learn to function again.
I, personally, hope that you never experience what I have. And if that does happen, I hope that this very same silence never crosses your path.


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